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LDP’s mandate is to unleash the natural talent, creativity and desire to excel that is inherent in everyone.

Lorella DePieri

Redefining Adult Learning for Organizations

Lorella DePieri has always been passionate about helping organizations achieve extraordinary business results by inspiring the collective wisdom of their people. Through extensive study and research on neurobiology Lorella has redefined the way we approach adult learning, with the key factor being that natural talent, creativity and desire to excel is inherent in everyone. When the heart and mind are engaged, each individual powerfully affects the results of the whole. When the collective team collaborates, anything is possible.

Facilitator, speaker and executive coach, Lorella DePieri inspires and informs as she guides people through organizational and personal transformation. Lorella specializes in helping learning professionals and leaders inspire behaviour change in their role as facilitators.

Titles and Involvements
  • CEO of Results by Design Consultants Inc.
  • Co-Founder of 1-Degree
  • Program Director for the CoE in Sales Leadership at Schulich Executive Education Centre
  • Founder of Lorella Depieri Consultants Inc.
  • Certified Consultant at Barett Values Center
  • Certified Partner of Altify
  • Certified Partner at Wilson Learning

“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.”


My Journey

Every journey is unique – and LDP’s is no different. Here are some major milestones that got us to where we are today.


Sheridan College

Lorella graduated from the Business Administration program at Sheridan College

Apple Computers

A 5 year tenure at Apple in sales and training roles formed the foundation of Lorella’s experience for her future endeavours.

Results by Design

In 1989, Lorella’s vision of starting a sales training consultancy came to life and quickly realized success with multiple high-profile clients and many accreditations.


In 2014, Lorella teamed up with like-minded professionals to create an organization who’s mandate is to empower businesses to be most powerful force for good on our planet.

LDP Consultants

In 2017, after years of research and study of neurobiology, Lorella founded LDP Consultants to help organizations train and educate in a more rewarding and impactful way.

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